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Custody and Visitation Disputes

Custody and contact disputes can result in a breakdown in communication between parties, adversely affecting the children of the family. Our family lawyers are experienced in assisting parents to resolve disputes related to children.

Although it may at times seem impossible, with the correct legal advice and support, a solution can be reached.

The main issues to decide are whom the children of the family will reside with following a divorce or separation and how much contact the children will have with the non-resident parent. The advantages of resolving matters amicably are precedented and our team can assist parties with drawing up settlement agreements reflecting the agreement arrived at. We provide the expert advice you need to make post-separation decisions for your children including visas, sponsorship, accommodation, and work-related benefits.

We understand how stressful court proceedings can be for both parties and the children of the family. In the case that court cannot be avoided, we are able to provide the advice and support you require to conclude the case in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

How are international custody and visitation disputes resolved?

Regardless of whether you decide to divorce under UK law or local UAE law, we can advise and represent you from the UAE.  Because our lawyers are  qualified in the UK and registered/experienced in family matters in the UAE, we save you the stress and expense of having to travel to the UK to resolve your custody or visitation dispute.

We advise clients on the rights and responsibilities they have as parents in the UAE and how that may differ from the jurisdiction of England and Wales. Our main objective is always to work towards what is in the best interests of the children involved.

Will I have to go to Court?

There are circumstances under which issuing court proceedings is inevitable. This may be the case where the child’s welfare is at risk harm or to resolve disputes regarding their future when an agreement between parents cannot be reached.  In cases where there is a history of domestic abuse in the relationship, alternative dispute resolution methods such as negotiation and mediation are unsuitable.

Our lawyers provide expert legal advice and representation for family law court related proceedings.  You can be confident that we will fight tenaciously to ensure the best interests of you and your child are protected.

Why choose TWS Legal Consultants?

Our  UK qualified family lawyers are registered with the UK Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Dubai Legal Affairs Department. We are a fully digital law firm and are able to arrange video conferencing if this suits your needs.

As a niche firm, we are highly respected in the region for our divorce and family law expertise.

Our team of family law experts have been advising on custody and visitation disputes under UAE law and UK law for over ten years.  To book a consultation, please contact us:

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