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Certification and Witnessing of Documents

Our multi-lingual Dubai-based lawyers have a wealth of experience in the attestation, translation, witnessing, and certification of documents – both in the UAE and within and outside the country of issue.

Our multi-lingual lawyers are registered with the UK Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and the Dubai Legal Affairs Department.  TWS Legal Consultants is a fully digital law firm.

We have over ten years’ experience providing private client and corporate legal advice

Working closely with clients, fellow lawyers, and embassies and consulates, we ensure that the certification process accompanying documents are compliant with the regulations related to their intended use and purpose.  We have the authority to certify documents to be true and accurate copies of the original.

We understand that in some cases, certification and witnessing or documents must be done quickly.  As a niche law firm, we are agile and flexible enough to accommodate most timetables.  We have successfully overseen the attestation, certification, and translation of thousands of UK and other jurisdiction documents over the past decade.

What is a certified document?

A certified document is a copy of a document which has been certified by an authorised person to be a true copy of the original document.

Certified documents can be required for court, bureaucratic, or commercial purposes.

What does attestation (legalisation) of documents involve?

Before a UK issued document can be used in the UAE, it must normally be attested.  This involves acquiring an Apostille Stamp by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), and then subsequent consular attestation by the UAE Embassy in London.

Can you draft and translate Power of Attorney documents?

Our lawyers offer expertise and knowledge in the drafting of General, Specific, and Business Powers of Attorney in the UAE. These documents are bilingual documents and allow your appointed attorney to deal with either general, specific, or business matters in the UAE, during your lifetime, in your absence, and on your behalf.

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