UK Power of Attorney

Creating a Power of Attorney provides a nominated person with the authority to make decisions on your behalf when your mental capacity to do so is diminished. This is a guaranteed way of ensuring that your affairs will be dealt with by someone whom you have entrusted to look after the same.

The powers your Attorney will have are usually specified by you and they can either be granted a general power to deal with affairs you can legally delegate or a limited power to deal with particular property or matters.

The two types of lasting Power of Attorney in England and Wales are:

  • Health and welfare: This type of Power of Attorney allows you to select someone to make decisions about matters such as your treatment, care, medication and where you live. This type of power of attorney can be used only when you have been declared unable to make your own decisions.
  • Property and finances: This type of Power of Attorney differentiates from a Power of Attorney for health and welfare in that it can look after your affairs at any time throughout your life.

Our experienced solicitors will be able to assist you in deciding which type of Power of Attorney is relevant for your particular circumstances.

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