Start Ups

Entrepreneurs starting their first business are faced by a myriad of problems; therefore, it is crucial to get the right advice from the outset. We, at TWS Legal Consultants spend a significant amount of time with our commercial clients to learn and understand their business, what their goals are and how they wish to measure their success.

We have worked with a number of businesses in a large variety of industries and sectors. Therefore we understand the ecosystem, the legal risks that exist and the formalities that need to be adhered to. this means our clients may concentrate on the most important task- building their business.

We can work through the entire lifecycle of your business, from the inception of the idea to, hopefully, its disposal or even flotation. We do not regard ourselves as advisers, completely detached from our clients, we see ourselves as strategic business partners and business advisers- happy to work alongside our clients to meet their goals.

We have worked with start-ups in the following sectors:

  • professional services;
  • manufacturing industries;
  • traders (importers and exporters);
  • IT sector;
  • shipping and logistics;
  • banking and finance

Please contact one of our experienced commercial lawyers for more details. Email us at or call +971 4 448 4284.