Due to globalization, many businesses consider outsourcing some or many of their business functions. This can be to increase the quality of the goods and services, to improve efficiency, improve quality and to minimize costs. These can allow a business to grow, sometimes exponentially.

It can be difficult to find the right provider for outsourcing services- would the provider have the expertise? The resources? Would they be able to comply with data protection rules and other rules/regulations in the business’ jurisdiction? Is there good corporate governance? In addition, how would the provider be rewarded? Would there be performance incentives? There are many considerations a business would have to consider and the team at TWS Legal Consultants can help guide a business.

Our team has experience in cross-border arrangements as well as covering a large array of functions, whether it be IT- related, secretarial services, manufacturing, transportation/shipping or professional services.

We advise both customers and suppliers as well as multi-vendor arrangements and second-tier suppliers.

Our clients operate in a variety of industry sectors, including pharmaceutical industries, financial services, healthcare and manufacturing and logistics, in both the public and the private sector.

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