Commercial Contracts

Almost all commercial activity, these needs involves entering into contracts, or agreements. Some may be verbal but the most prudent approach is to have a written contract with suppliers, customers, advisers; and/or government bodies.

Our commercial team can provide you with comprehensive contract drafting and negotiating services that are t specific to our clients’ needs.

Our experience in structuring, drafting and negotiating roles spreads across various sectors including real estate, hotels and leisure, retail, construction, and oil and gas. With the DIFC Courts now fully operational g, we advise clients to regularly review their contracts to reflect the best position in the every changing climate.

  1. Joint ventures
  2. Shareholder agreements
  3. Partnership agreements
  4. Corporate structures and restructuring
  5. Distributorships, franchises, commercial agencies
  6. Service and consulting agreements
  7. Commercial real estate
  8. Real estate finance
  9. Construction documents
  10. Reviewing existing contracts to reflect what has been agreed

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