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Wealth, Assets and Legacy Planning

It's never too early to start planning for the long-term future of your wealth. Legacy planning (estate planning) is a process that is designed to make it easier for your heirs to follow your final wishes.

Our team at TWS can help you incorporate your vision in a bespoke structure with a strategic plan to transfer wealth to your chosen beneficiaries.

Why is Legacy Planning so important in the UAE?

Wealth is a precious resource and with the local inheritance/Sharia laws in the UAE all necessary steps need to be taken to preserve and protect it for future generations. If you own assets, have a business, or have a family in the UAE, it’s very important to have evidence of your intentions. With our vast experience in succession planning and inheritance matters, we can create a lasting legacy plan for generations to come.

What are the top Legacy Planning Solutions in the UAE?

  1. Foundations in the DIFC
  2. DIFC Wills
  3. Trusts

How can TWS help?

At TWS we build long-term relationships with our clients to protect their families and assets for future generations. We have over a decade of hands-on experience and knowledge in legacy/succession planning matters in the UAE to help you plan your estate as per your vision, values, and wishes. We will help you explore the options available and create the best structure for future generations to come.