To the long life of your business – Nita Maru

On the business front, if you do not have a proper business succession plan or estate planning in place, you simply cannot be sure what will happen after your death: whether your family will be provided for, who will look after your business, and when and how your beneficiaries will stand to benefit from the […]

UAE inheritance system

Q:How different is the UAE inheritance system with that of other countries?
In the UAE, inheritance for Muslim nationals is guided by Sharia laws(a system of Islamic law based on the Quran), while the law of the deceased’s home country can be applied for non-Muslim expatriates. Sharia is not a codified law and is capable of […]

Property inheritance matters

As if expat life were not fraught enough with challenges and complications, families of those who invest in properties here face further complications in the sad event that the property owner passes away intestate. Nita Maru of TWS Legal Consultants shares some legal advice regarding the above.
How different is the UAE inheritance system to that […]

The Family Business & Succession Planning

If you own or part own a business or a professional practice, it is important that your estate and succession planning begin today. As a business owner, it’s quite likely that a significant portion of your wealth–and your family’s source of income after your death–is tied up in the family business. The success of your […]