Why January is known as ‘Divorce Month’

For family lawyers, January is known as ‘Divorce Month’. The reason behind this is by and large the preceding holiday period. Either couples wish to spend one last Christmas or New Year period as a family before taking the step towards dissolving the marriage or the holidays act to exacerbate and highlight underlying tensions and […]

Frequently asked questions relating to Divorce

What happens once I have contacted a family lawyer?

One of our dedicated family law team will meet with you in order to understand the facts of your individual case and what you would like to achieve. This is usually done in a first consultation, which in most cases will be for a fixed […]

What are the rights of a father in a divorce?

Whether you decide to divorce in the UK or the UAE, it is imperative for parents to be aware of and understand their position in relation to any children of the family. In the UAE, there are two aspects involved in the care of children: Custody (Hadana) and Guardianship (Wilaya). Custodians are the caretakers of […]


Mediation in family law cases can assist parties to come to an agreement in relation to arrangements where they may not have been able to agree matters between themselves.

There is an upward trend in the engaging of a mediator as couples recognise the fact that not arriving at an agreement and having to leave matters […]

A tale of two cities: London or Dubai for divorce

In making life altering decisions such as divorce or separation, it is imperative to make an informed choice, armed with the pros and cons you could face in all eventualities.

When a relationship breaks down, the situation you can find yourself in can be isolating and the decision-making process as to what next steps to take […]


In England and Wales when a couple arrives at the conclusion that the marriage is at an end there are various factors that need to be considered when deciding to part ways. As well as the divorce procedure itself, arrangements need to be made with regards to children and assets of the family.

Usually the couple […]

FAQ’s on Divorce in the UAE – Nita Maru

When a couple decide to divorce the issue can be further complicated when you are residing in a foreign country where you are not aware of the local laws and procedures.
The laws governing divorce in the UAE are very different from the UK, for example, and can become more complicated if there are children and […]

Fewer people tying the knot in Dubai – Nita Maru

Number of registered marriages falls from 5,090 to 4,457 in two years.

The number of marriages in Dubai has come down over the last couple of years, according to data released by the Dubai Statistics Centre. While a total of 5,090 marriages were registered in 2014, the number dropped to 4,851 in 2015 and 4,457 in […]

Marriages are falling apart within months, says Divorce Clinic – Nita Maru

70 per cent of incompatible couples are unable to resolve differences.Dubai: Divorce is no longer the last resort for incompatible couples as they are increasingly considering it as an option within months of their marriage, according to the Dubai Divorce Legal Clinic at TWS Legal Consultants.Nita Maru, managing partner at TWS Legal Consultants who established […]

Advice for expats divorcing in Dubai – Nita Maru

The UAE court system can be a daunting prospect for expats – especially those who are going down the path of divorce.
Nida Chaudhry, a solicitor working with TWS Legal Consultants in Dubai, answers some of the common questions.

Where can I get a divorce?
This is the most common question expert family lawyers get asked. Legally, this […]