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Nita Maru’s Story

In 2009, Nita Maru’s entrepreneurial spirit and thirst for knowledge led her to discover a niche waiting to be filled in the UAE legal scene.

 “When I moved from London, I realised, there was a huge void in awareness by expatriates of the implications of local laws on their estate, family, and a lack of knowledge on the part of people and business owners of the importance of succession planning in the UAE. With more research, it became apparent that there was not a single law firm in Dubai that had a department specialising in Wills and succession planning despite the prevailing local Sharia Laws. This inspired me to set up my own law firm with a division dedicated solely to this area of law. Being a mother of three children, I was passionate about helping expats protect and secure their family and UAE assets.”

So began Nita’s challenging journey towards the success she had willed herself to achieve.

“In 2009, despite the ongoing recession, I was working day and night setting up my own law firm, TWS Legal Consultants. It was a challenging experience, being a British female entrepreneur looking to establish a legal entity in Dubai; the red tape, stringent application process, paperwork, and so on were fast becoming a part of my daily routine. But when I finally received my license from The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department I was ecstatic. Quite a few months had passed since I first conceived the idea of my own law firm, so I was jubilant that my hard work was finally paying off and my dream was in sight.  This was a huge achievement personally, and a major turning point professionally.”

Today Nita is the epitome of a successful female entrepreneur and her full-fledged law firm handles all aspects of succession planning, Wills, family, second citizenship, corporate, and commercial legal matters.

Aside from running her business, Nita contributes articles to local media/publications and actively speaks in community outreach sessions where she shares her own success recipe.

Nita is blessed to have a supportive husband and three children. They are her inspiration in life. Nita’s advice to those still struggling to make it or dreaming of success: Believe in yourself.  Never let failures or frustrations stand in the way of your dreams. Keep your pureness of spirit; never give up.

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